Advice from a Therapist: Prenatal Massage

For this blog, we will get some advice on prenatal massage and its benefits from Brenda T., a licensed massage therapist at LaVida Massage!

When is the right time to get a prenatal massage?

A: A woman may have a massage anytime during pregnancy. If pregnancy complications are present we would defer to the advice of her medical provider.

How can prenatal massage alleviate the stress and pain of pregnancy?

A: Prenatal massage can:

  • Ease the pain and tension of muscles that are adjusting to mom’s changing body shape and weight.
  • Ease fluid retention.
  • Ease constipation and promote better sleep through general relaxation.
  • Promote better circulation, elimination of metabolic waste products, and calm the nervous system.

How is prenatal massage different from a more common modality?

A: Depending on the weeks of pregnancy, modified positioning and pillows can be used for the client’s comfort.  Special massage tables to accommodate the abdomen are also available. Techniques and pressure are also adjusted for safety and the client’s needs.

Can every therapist perform prenatal massage?

A: Most therapists who perform prenatal massage take either an elective course or additional training, which provides learning about complications and contraindications.

What is your favorite part of performing a prenatal massage?

A: Providing caring touch during such a special time in a mom’s life is very rewarding, especially when they leave the session feeling much better than when they arrived.

If you have any more questions about prenatal massage or if a therapist at your local LaVida Massage has a therapist who can perform prenatal massage, contact your local LaVida Massage. Not sure where the nearest center is? Visit to find a LaVida closest to you!